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2022 Candy Canes on Main Scavenger Hunt!

NEW! To CCoM this year… introducing:
Elfie Selfie Scavenger Hunt

Want to win $250 for the holidays?
Pre-registration opens Nov 1st! 
-$50 per team
-max. 5 people per team
-each team will have 1 hour to complete the hunt as best as they can
-each player must pose with at least 10 of the items listed in addition to the team poses
-the team with the quickest time and most correct selfies will be awarded medals and the cash prize as the winners of the CCoM Elfie Selfie Scavenger Hunt!

Day of the event:
Location: Casey, IL Visitor Center (next to the big mouse trap)
11:00-11:20 AM— Check-In & Last-Minute Registration
12:30 PM— All teams must be back to the visitor center or points will be deducted for every minute past
1:00 PM— Winning Team Announced

To register—> contact Mariah Loschen at 217-322-8116 or
or fill out the form below:

We will send a PayPal Invoice to
the email address listed to complete the registration process.


Contact Information

Thanks for Registering!

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